Hi, I’m Caleb, your personal encourager, motivator, and friend. I have been searching for meaning in my life and better job for the last 10 years.

I’m an ex-gamer (at least not at this season), a Starcraft 2 Tournament Terran fan, eager learner, kind of science freak – loves everything about health, science, and nature, personality more a doer, Asian food lover… I like to accept the challenge of solving a problem by dealing with its root cause. I like to reason things that matter and get more done using less time (efficiency).

What do you do?

I prioritize improving an individual cellular health as the foundation for optimizing wellness. I believe in creating communities of individuals that are highly resilient to disease and aging, full of energy & with the clarity of mind.

My Passion – The People First Pharmacist

I’m always frustrated with my inability to provide restorative health solution as a pharmacist to patients other than providing medicine and proper counseling. I was not satisfied with such approach. This prompted me to start my journey toward finding the simplified solution for optimum health. Hence, I started this website to provide simplified practical information on seeds to assist you to make an informed choice of foods and supplements to optimize cellular health. I prioritize simplicity, practicality, and effectiveness of consumed nutritional foods & supplements. Wish you success in your quest for ultimate desired health and dreams. My personal interests are treatment and prevention of all cancers and autoimmune diseases, lipid soluble antioxidants, and boosting cellular health. I will love to connect with you in your journey to better health. Welcome to your new beginning.

Time Is Too Precious To Be Wasted. Make It Worthwhile!!

I believe a good success is when you come to a place that you get full satisfaction doing what you love and get paid handsomely changing the lives of other for better.

I believe that you have the ability take full control of your health with the right nutrition dense food and supplements.

I will be sharing my own learning journey and experiences. I also ask that if I ever share anything that arouses your interest, please get involved within my site. I love to discuss with you and if you have anything interesting that you want to share or any opinions of any of the content I have created on my site, please do share. I love feedback in every form.